Prepare for Graduate School

Helping you navigate the ins and outs of graduate school.

Considering graduate school? Researching and preparing for the next steps in your education can seem overwhelming.

We help ease that burden by providing you with graduate study assistance, even if it’s years after you leave campus. From your grad school application and letter, to providing you with helpful information like where to take GRE practice exams and prep classes – we’re here to help.

WPU graduates have been accepted to medical, dental, veterinary schools, law and pharmacy schools and over 100 different graduate schools in psychology, fine arts and humanities.

WPU Alumna, Josie, discusses her journey to UNC Graduate school after Peace.

Graduate School FAQs

  • Graduate School FAQ's
    Why should I consider pursuing a graduate degree?

    • It can influence how fast and how far you can advance in your career.
    • It may give you more flexibility to change careers.
    • It may make you more competitive in some labor markets.
    • In some fields, a graduate degree is required for an entry-level position (i.e. medicine, law.).

    Where can I get information on various tests?

    You can start here:

    What is the timing like? When should I start this process and how does it progress?

    Graduate School Timeline, as suggested by the Council of Graduate Schools

    1. Junior year – Browse through catalogs and information about schools of interest

    Summer – Begin a draft of your statement of purpose (also called personal statement) and continue to research program requirements

    2. Senior year: In September meet with your advisor and/or faculty members in your major to discuss your goals, personal statement and possible programs. Ask for letters of recommendation and register for standardized tests. Look for application deadline dates in programs of interest.

    October – Take standardized tests and request application forms from schools

    November – Order transcripts

    December – Complete application forms- even if deadlines are later in the semester- the earlier the better.

    January – complete all your federal income tax information as early as possible if you will be applying for financial aid.

    February – visit schools and research financial aid possibilities

    Have more questions? Contact Career Services!

Olivia graduated from WPU in 2015 and went on to graduate school at Elon University

“If you’re looking for a place that’s really going to help you find yourself, I feel like WPU is a really good school for that.”

Olivia Gray ’15 Talks Grad School & WPU
2015 Graduate, Art Teacher
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