Admissions Requirements & FAQs

Is there a required GPA and ACT/SAT score for admission into WPU?

We know there’s more to you than just numbers and data. We know you have a personality, you’re creative, and you’re unique. Our Admission Counselors dig deep to find out who you really are and whether you’d be a great fit at our institution. So, in short, we look at the whole student, but you might find it helpful to know that the average GPA of our first-year students is about a 3.3.

What are my chances of getting financial aid from WPU?

Very high. In fact, 100% of our student body receives financial aid of some kind, whether it be scholarships and institutional aid, or outside scholarships and student loans. Just remember to fill out a FAFSA!

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What is the application deadline?

There aren’t any set admission deadlines. WPU has what we call “rolling admissions.”

Can I pay my deposit online?

Yes! Simply click the button below to pay your deposit online.

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