Meet Our Faculty

Sure, there are bigger schools, but our caring, professional faculty sets William Peace University apart.

The instructors at WPU are some of the best and brightest, offering personal attention, insight and wisdom to students that few universities can match. More than 70% of professors hold a doctorate, and many others hold decades of industry experience and expertise in their respective fields of study. With a student-to-faculty ratio of 15:1, it’s virtually impossible to get lost at WPU. You’re more than just a number here. 


Division Chair of Humanities and Associate Professor of English
​Assistant Professor of Special Education
Lisa Bonner, Ph.D.
Department Chair of Science and Mathematics; ​Professor of Biology
​Assistant Professor of Chemistry
Assistant Professor of Biology
Jeff Carr, JD
​Assistant Professor of Business Administration
Chaplain; Assistant Professor of Religion
Department Chair of Communications and SGD; Associate Professor of Art, Communications and SGD
Assistant Professor of Psychology
Xandra Daniels, WPU Professor
Visiting Assistant Professor of Anthropology
​Associate Professor of Business Administration
Associate Professor of English
Matt Hodge, WPU Professor
​Assistant Professor of Musical Theatre and Theatre
Justin Johnson, WPU Professor
Assistant Professor of Communications and Simulation and Game Design
Elizabeth Kusko, DA
Program Coordinator of Criminal Justice, Political Science, and Pre-Law; Assistant Professor of Political Science
Assistant Professor of English
Scott McElreath, Ph.D.
Associate Professor of Philosophy
​Kayce Meginnis-Payne, Ph.D.
​Associate Professor of Psychology
Vinnie Melomo, Ph.D.
Department Chair and Associate Professor of Anthropology
Patrick Myer, Ph.D.
​Associate Professor of Biology
Associate Professor of English
Department Chair and Professor of Business and Analytics
Assistant Professor of History
Jashaun Peele, WPU Professor
​Assistant Professor of Mathematics
Assistant Professor of Communications
​Adair Robertson, WPU Professor
​Associate Professor of Mathematics; Coordinator of International Studies
Department Chair and Associate Professor of Education
Assistant Professor of Education and Field Placement Coordinator
Amy White, WPU Professor
​Assistant Professor of Theatre and Musical Theatre
Department Chair and Professor of Psychology; Department Chair of Business